A charismatic and engaging personality, Karen is at home in front of any audience.
She is a natural teacher and storyteller who has a rare ability to take elusive concepts such as Gender Equality & Inclusion and make them relevant, tangible and practical for any audience.   
Karen's incredible wealth of global knowledge, delivered with her signature style and humour, promises to energize and inspire any audience!
  • Gender Equality & Inclusion leads to Social Justice, Development & Peace (2017)
  • SDG 5 on Gender Equality - what it is and why it's important, YMCA Canada (2017)
  • Applying a Feminist Lens to International Development, MCIC (2017)
  • Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy and the role of education and skills training in promoting gender  equality and women’s empowerment, Colleges and Institutes Canada (2017)
  • Gender Equality and Sustainable Development, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto (2017)
  • Gender Equality Lens in International Development, University of Guelph (2017)
  • Monitoring & Evaluation for Transformation, OCIC. (2017)
  • Gender Issues in International Development, International Project Management Program, Humber College (Annually)
  • Workplace Sensitivity Training, various corporate clients
  • Annual 5 day Gender Training (A-Z, theory and tools) 
  • Addressing Gender Issues in the Christian context, Leprosy Mission of Canada
  • Corporate Workplace  Gender Sensitivity Training (cultivating respectful work dynamics/relationships, addressing discrimination including sexual harassment, codes of conduct)  (various clients)
  • Embracing diversity - promoting effective partnerships between Librarians and Social Workers, Library Settlement Partnerships (LSP) Project
  • Gender Mainstreaming in the water sector, Mvula Trust, South Africa
  • Anti-racism training as part of a team, Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board
  • How to conduct a Social Impact Assessment, AXOR Experts
  • GBA+ in practice: Maternal Child Health programming, Status of Women Canada GBA+ Conference   
  • No such thing as a Gender Neutral Policy
  • Gendercide in India and China: Documentary Screening organized by WeTalk Women 
  • What is the Status of Women and Girls around the world?  Roundtable hosted by Women Thrive Worldwide
  • What role can ICTs play in the empowerment of girls?  Women's World Conference in Montreal
  • Taking stock of the last 100 years, Keynote speaker for 100th International Women's Day, Status of Women Council of the Northwest Territories
  • One person can make a difference in the lives of many, Women in Bell Business Markets
  • Gender audits as a tool for measuring empowerment in the workplace, Canadian Association of International Development Consultants (CAIDC) Conference
  • Panelist, Launch of UN Women Report on Progress of the Worlds' Women in Montreal


    "Karen delivered an incredibly engaging performance that challenged traditional notions of development and called for new approaches to thinking about our engagement with the rest of the world. Karen expertly weaves together theory and real-life experience to provide clear and tangible examples of how to apply gender analysis and mainstreaming in practice. Karen's powerful narrative links gender equality and development with a broader historical arc, making the topic inspiring and exciting even for those who might not usually engage with conversations on the topic. I would heartily recommend Karen for any public speaking events that want to challenge tired old stereotypes about global development, and inspire audiences to action"

    - Graeme Stewart-Wilson