Karen provides gender equality and inclusion training in various formats - from one hour to 5 days.
1) She offers customized training for specific organizations / departments / teams / programs - in person and online.
2) She also delivers pre-scheduled 5 day training sessions opened to the public to register. These workshops are designed for individuals aspiring to gain the skills and knowledge they need to become technically competent to implement gender equality and inclusion in their work - such as Gender Equality and Inclusion Focal Points, Officers, Advisors, Specialists as well as policy, program and service staff more broadly who are expected to apply a gender equality and inclusion lens to their portfolios. 

Sample training topics include: Sex, gender, identity, intersectionality, socialization and how inequality is constructed, the hierarchies of discrimination affecting the most vulnerable groups, equity vs equality, 3 levels of equality, empowerment, gender mainstreaming and transformation, gender based analysis frameworks and tools - what, when, how, gender equality in proposal design, gender equality and inclusion in results based management, gender equality indicators and reporting. 

Ask Karen for information on upcoming 5 day training sessions. More information is available upon request.


Karen provides 3 kinds of workplace sensitivity training to promote inclusive, safe and productive workplaces.
Services include:
1) Pre-secheduled 1 day public workshops promoting gender sensitivity, anti-harrassment and inclusion
2) Customized training for a specific organization / department / team / program on gender sensitivity, anti-harassment and inclusion - delivered to all staff through a series of short sessions.
3) 1 on 1 and Executive Coaching for individuals - delivered over 5 hours or 10 hours, depending on the context

Sample topics include:  A case study approach that teaches participants what is and what is not harassment, quid pro quo and hostile work environment, creating and maintaing healthy bounties, how to address and minimize uncomfortable situations, effective communication skills, conflict negotiation  what to do when you need to escalate a grievance, rights and duties of staff, management and leadership, learnings from other organizations and situations.

Ask Karen for the information on the pre-scheduled Sensitivity Trainings. More information is available upon request.






















For organizations that cannot afford a full time technical expert on staff, Karen acts as their 'on call' Advisor. She provides technical support on an as needed basis, across design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting for policy, organizational, program and service delivery. In this capacity, she provides
1) Technical input in designing new policies, programs, HR guidelines, and services (gender analysis for proposals and more)
2) Technical review and advice on how to strengthen existing policies, programs, services
3) Leading the gender analysis for a project - from desk review, to gender in baseline, to community based gender analysis, to gender strategy devlopment etc.
4) Designing, delivering and overseeing gender equality and inclusion mid-term reviews or evaluations of national policies, organizational performance, programming and service delivery.
More information is available upon request

Karen is a leading Gender Audit consultant in Canada and she understands that Audits are not meant to be just a technical excercise. Having completed over 7 audits for several different kinds of organizations, Karen is a master of Audits and knows exactly to customize, design and deliver an Audit that reflects the unique nature of each organization she works with. 
1) Organizational wide Audits
2) Programming Audits
3)  Partner Audits
4) Audits of organizations that operate as a Network
More information is available upon request

Karen is a charismatic, authentic and moving speaker who is at home in front of any audience.  Whether it be as a keynote speaker, a panelist or a guest speaker, audiences consistently emerge from Karen's delivery feeling enlightened, deeply moved and connected to the issue of social injustice and inspired to take new actions. She speaks with a rare combination of passion, personal stories and humour that has audiences wanting more. Karen is available for
1) Keynote addresses
2) Panelist remarks
3) Guest speaker remarks
4) Event moderator
5) Session facilitator

More information is available upon request

Karen has worked with various organizations to deliver unique and impactful initiatives that raise the organization's credibility and profile amongst peers, donors and influencers in the sector. She can help you delver:

1) Sector specific technical roundtables
2) Public engagement campaigns
3) A workshop or conference on the topic of Gender Equality and Inclusion
4) Commissioned work such as Research Reports  

More information is available upon request