"Anyone seeking to deliver on equality - and do it RIGHT should be working with Karen" David Peck, World Vision

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"Karen is leading the way, shaping the next generation of development thinking and gender equality theory and practice.  In an often divisive field of work, Karen is idealistic yet pragmatic, distinguished yet approachable, serious yet fun, gentle yet strong, compassionate yet challenging. Spiritual and intuitive, Karen dissolves artificial boundaries and quickly develops rapport - thus creating a safe space for women, men and other marginalized groups to step out of political correctness and into real conversations about what matters to them. 

With seasoned emotional intelligence, refined instinct, a gold-mine of diverse, global experience and incredible technical expertise, this woman is the epitome of the word "expert". You know she has perfected her craft when, time and again, I have watched her create space for dissenting points of view and what emerges is a renewed, reconnected and realigned community, inspired and ready to take bold action from what can only come from one place - an awakening of the human soul. 
Karen is a one-of-a-kind powerhouse who leaves you energized, motivated and able to tackle issues - from your living room, to the boardroom, to a remote village. Anyone seeking to deliver on equality - do it RIGHT should be working with Karen. If you aren't - YOU SHOULD BE!" 

David Peck,
Founder of So Change,
Director of Public Engagement,
World Vision. (2017)
Karen Craggs